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Tramping round the paths

Walking to know

Andar per sentieriHiking is becoming increasingly important in today's society and the paths become the main infrastructure to go in search of landscapes, ancient villages, enchanted places where time has stood still. Walking to know: This is the conception that guides the hiker while he's driving along a path to discover the region and its peculiarities, rediscovering the pleasure of the slowness of walking, as opposed to the frenetic rhythms that characterize our time .

This site, through the proposal of hiking trails, maps and photographs of the area, aims to provide hikers and lovers of the outdoors the possibility to enjoy a little-known places of our province, but certainly worthy of being known, stimulating the curiosity of the visitor and pushing to see our region with new eyes.

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The Provincial Council

The Region of Piedmont, in the context of the Regional Council for the paths, highlighted the opportunity to create assemblies to make shared choices between institutions and associations that are active in the local trails.

The Province of Alessandria has incorporated this information, set up in February 2006 the Provincial Council for the trails with the following tasks:

• To make operational the Master Plan of Trails
• Setting the executive priorities;
• Identify the paths to be included in the Cadastre;
• Program operations in the territory under a coordinated plan;
• Provide advice to organizations and associations who wish to offer assistance in the field of paths.

Currently the Provincial Council, presided by the Parks and Protected Areas, consists of the following subjects:

1. Province of Alessandria- Parks and Protected Areas Service
2. Piedmont Region - Economia Montana and Forests Department
3. Mountain Community "Curone Grue Ossona valleys"
4. Mountain Community "Borbera and Spinti valleys"
5. Mountain Community "Alta Val Lemme Alto Ovadese
6. Mountain Community "Suol d'Aleramo"
7. Hill Community "Alto Monferrato Acquese"
8. Hill Community "Colli Tortonesi"
9. Union of "Castles in the Bormida and Orba"
10. Union of Municipalities "Land of Po and the hills of Monferrato"
11. Natural Park "Capanne di Marcarolo"
12. Natural park "Sacro Monte di Crea"
13. Po River Park
14. Italian Alpine Club (CAI)
15. Italian Federation Hiking (FIE)

Code of conduct

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Hiking is an activity that conveys a sense of freedom, but should follow certain rules of behavior to move safely and fully appreciate the environment in which you are:

1) before the starting planned properly the hike, checking the weather reports, documenting the area to visit and getting a map of the area;
2) in the mountains not always the phone is available; say to someone which route you intend to follow and when do you plan to return;
3) match with a clothing and equipment appropriate to the length and difficulty of the excursion;
4) respect the flora and fauna encountered along the path; remember that a cropped flower is destined to wither within a few hours, but if you leave it where it will be appreciated by those who come after you;
5) don't dumping; a bottle or a can spoil the environment for many years;
6) follow always the path, for your safety and to respect the natural environment;
7) respect the property and the habits of those living and working in the mountains..

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